On Saturday, Jan. 5, 1887, the Alpha Delta Chapter at William Jewell College was installed as the 32nd chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order. For 17 years, the chapter moved from offices to convention halls in the Liberty, Mo. business district. In 1904, they settled at 17 S. Jewell St., but in 1929, the boiler exploded and the house burned down.

A new house in elegant Georgian style with white pillars and red brick built later that year was a picturesque example of Kappa Alpha houses and southern traditions. 
For over 70 years, hundreds of KAs lived in their beloved House at 17 S. Jewell. But time crept up on the old House, and the chapter found itself in need of a new home.

In 1997, William Jewell announced the construction of a new fraternity row where the four fraternities could build new houses. And in Jan. 2001, after an extensive campaign, the alumni of Alpha Delta opened the doors to the finest new house in the Order. The KA House at William Jewell is now the model to which all other KA houses are compared, and the chapter has thrived in its new home ever since.

Although ADKASHA no longer owns and maintains the House, it does own and insure personal property within the House and provides funds for kitchen staff and various other needs.

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